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Big Pounding Heart
Song List:
1. Si Se Puede
2. Love Sick
3. Baby Please Come Home
4. Testostrone
5. Naturally
6. Happy Holiday
7. Hidden From View
8. Scratch
9. I’m a Liar
10. Waiting
11. Tú Me Das Vida
12. At the End of My Road

Dancing En Fuego
Song List:
1. My Big Charanga
2. Mi Cafetal
3. Avisame
4. Hero
5. Belly Dancer
6. Morena
7. Westward Decision
8. The Best I Never Had
9. And, What Is This?
10. Crappy Boyfriend
11. Usted Abuso
12. I Saw the Light
13. Te Seguire
14. C’Mon Let’s Go

Polka Freak Out
Song List:
1. Uzmi (Uzmi sve sto ti zivot pruza)
2. Jammin’ Joe Freaks Out
3. Baby
4. A Heart’s Grand Opening
5. I Remember
6. The Ballad of Thunder Road
7. When I Am Without You
8. In Den Bergen
9. The Girl of My Dreams
10. El Si? Or No?
11. River of Pain
12. Bad Cat Polka
13. If I Fell
14. Du Du (Du Du Liegst Mir Herzen)
15. Acariciame

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