Bubba Hernandez joins Classic Period Brave Combo 1985 -1992 for 3 Reunion Shows

Bubba Hernandez joins Classic Period Brave Combo 1985 -1992 for 3 Reunion Shows

The “second wave combo,” the one that included Carl Finch, Mitch Marine, Jeffrey Barnes and Bubba Hernandez, which for many fans, is the REAL Brave Combo, will be tearing it up and gluing it down at three North Texas shows this weekend before Christmas. You can catch the action at Dan’s Silverleaf, in Denton, on Thursday, December 18, at Poor David’s, in Dallas, on Friday, December 19 and at Fred’s Texas Cafe, in Ft. Worth, on Saturday, December 20. These performances are sure to be fun and probably some-what funny but definitely intense!

The mid-1980s to the mid-1990s were pretty magical. Brave Combo of this period did a lot of everything. So much was percolating. The band started a 20-year relationship with Rounder Records, played (and drove) all over the USA again and again, got lots of major media attention, made their first trips to Europe, became minor stars in Japan and, generally, did all the things an up-and-coming underground band might do. When Mitch left in May 1992, the sound and, to some degree, the focus of the band changed forever. The age of the four-piece, bombastic, constantly fast and loud Combo was over. Bubba continued for another 13 ½ years, during which time Brave Combo won two Grammys, toured like crazy, and heard their music pop up everywhere, it seemed. Bubba said adios June 16, 2005 due to some “get me out of here” syndrome. At this point he hit the studios to record his first solo album Dancing En Fuego and based his group Los Super Vatos, which originally began in collusion with David De La Garza of the massively popular Tejano group, La Mafia. LSV went on to record an EP of it’s own original material as well. Later Bubba produced Polka Freak Out with accordion wizard, Alex Meixner, which garnered a Grammy-nomination. After the release or his latest album Big Pounding Heart, Bubba went on to obtain an education to become a practicing licensed massage therapist. He continues to split time with both vocations.

Mitch had gone on to play with myriad artists, including Terence Simeon, Tripping Daisy, Billy Goat, Smash Mouth, Andy Timmons, Jack Ingram (as bassist) and Dwight Yoakum, with whom he continues to fly “private jet style” to this day.

Brave Combo 1985 – 1992 will be playing all the old hits, the way they used to play them. So, please make it a plan for this weekend! Think deep grooves, provocative vocals, the sparkling harmonies, the break-neck tempos and, of course, the witty banter! This is guaranteed fun at least for these four! Plans are to laugh a lot!Brave Combo 1985-1992 promo photo 1b-5