Hernandez Hokamp Holiday Hang Out Denton and Dallas December 26th and 27th

Traditionally a little Denton/Dallas family type soiree for those staying in town and need a place to be. This year Robert and Chris Hokamp from the Big Pounding Heart touring days, are in from LA and Dublin for the holidays and have requested to do a show. Ricky Hernandez is in as well as George Abraxas Cortez! And, who knows who may jump in and blow or croon a tune! So, here we go! Ajua!! 7pm – 9pm at https://sweetwatergrillandtaverndenton.com/events/ and 8pm – 10pm http://www.allgoodcafe.com/calendar.php

Bubba Hernandez En Fuego in Dallas and Denton! Friday 8th and Saturday 9th

Friday November 8th AllGood Café 8pm
With Thad Bonduris, Lee Schloss and Big Al Emert
Saturday November 9th LSA Burgers on Denton Square
Triston Coomes opens at 6pm Bubba Hernandez at 7:15pm
Co-starring Thad Bonduris, Lee Schloss, Big Al Emert and George Abraxas Cortez